Top Dog Pest Control provides commercial pest control to office buildings all throughout London.

Despite the fact that we arrive to work to find freshly cleaned offices each morning, what we don’t realise is that the food that is left on desks or in office bins overnight until the cleaners come in early morning is ideal for attracting unwanted visitors to any London office space. This if frequently the cause for a call to Top Dog Pest Control for commercial pest control service.

Rat Control

As well as being attracted to the food left around inside, rats are frequently found by Top Dog Pest Control around the exterior bins of London office blocks. Again, these are a great source of food for scavenging rats, as well as mice.

Not only unpleasant for your office workers to see outside of their workplace, if rats are present outside a building, it will only be a matter of time before they move inside, seeking shelter as well as food. Treated at the first sighting, you will avoid the risk of an infestation breaking out in the offices themselves.

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Mice Control

CCTV cameras often film the night-time activities of London office mice, which can rapidly get out of control if left untreated.

Everyone has left a half eaten packet of crisps on their desk as they run out the door to get a train or to try to avoid rush hour. However, these scraps attract overnight mice that feast on office workers leftovers. Even when unfinished sandwiches are put into the open top bin under their desk, they then stay there all night until the cleaners arrive early the next morning. What mouse wouldn’t have a little midnight snack?!

All this leads to is a health hazard for people working in London office buildings, and a need to call in Top Dog Pest Control on 0800 7999 880.

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Biting Insects Control

Top Dog Pest Control often receives calls for commercial pest control from London offices reporting biting insects.

This is always a risk where lots of people share office space, as biting insects are easily transferred from one environment to another. However, Top Dog Pest Control can easily and efficiently solve this commercial pest problem by spraying the latest, fast-acting treatment.

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Office Pest Inspection Packages

Given that London offices are a haven for certain pests, in particular rodents, businesses are signing up to Top Dog Pest Control’s Pest Inspection Packages, which offer year round commercial services; the best way to protect your business.

Depending on the level of cover you choose, Top Dog Pest Control will visit your London office building at regular times throughout the year, implanting preventive measures. On top of this, our silver and gold packages offer free emergency call outs in the unlikely event that you find the early signs of a pest infestation.

Bronze Pest Control Package

Quarterly pest inspection visits
Dedicated technician
Free emergency callouts NOT included
Free framed Certificate of Inspection

Silver Pest Control Package

Monthly pest inspection visits
Dedicated technician
2 FREE emergency callouts
Free framed Certificate of Inspection

Gold Pest Control Package

Fortnightly pest inspection visits
Dedicated technician
Unlimited FREE emergency callouts
Free framed Certificate of Inspection


FREE NO OBLIGATION SURVEY is offered before you sign up to a Top Dog Pest Inspection Package. During this visit, your dedicated technician will recommend this best option for commercial pest control, tailored specifically to your London office requirements.

Top Dog Pest Control provides a Certification of Inspection for all its commercial pest control services, which you will receive at your very first visit. Displaying this will prove to your employees that you take providing a pleasant working environment very seriously.

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Commercial Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control is becoming an important part of health and safety planning for many London industries, not only office buildings. Top Dog Pest Control provides commercial services all through London to a wide variety of businesses, including restaurants, hotels, medical establishments, offices, warehouse, fast food restaurants, and many more.

Wherever you are and whatever your needs, Top Dog Pest Control will provide a professional, bespoke and friendly service to protect your London business.

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