Top Dog Pest Control provides commercial pest control to London hotels, ensuring reputations are not threatened by reports of rats, mice, bed bugs, cockroaches and any other pest that may cause harm to your business.

Stories of hotels with pest infestations spread nearly as quickly as the pest infestation itself and are very hard to recover from.

Bed Bug Control

Nothing will see guests running faster to a London hotel reception first thing in the morning than waking up covered in bed bug bites. Top Dog Pest Control visits hotels time after time that have ignored the first signs of a bed bug control issue, only to find they are now dealing with a full-blown infestation.

Bed bugs spread easily and quickly from room to room, and in worst case scenarios can see London hotels having to close whilst professionals such as Top Dog Pest Control treat the problem.

One thing is for sure, no guest will return to a hotel where they have suffered from a bed bug control issue. Don’t jeopardise the reputation of your London hotel, call Top Dog Pest Control today.

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Rat and Mice Control

London hotels do not only provide a comfy bed, food and drinks for their paying guests; often they also have non-paying guests in the form of mice and rats. Top Dog Pest Control can deter these unwanted visitors.

A hotel is the perfect place for mice and rats to access food and water, as well as having plentiful hidey-holes to nest in. Between the supplies of the kitchen and left over food that guests leave in rooms, there is enough sustenance for mice and rats to thrive.

Preventative rodent control is by far the most effective way to deal with rat and mice control in London hotels. Top Dog Pest Control offers no obligation surveys for their Pest Inspection Packages; details given below.

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Cockroach Control

Like with rodents, London hotels are the perfect setting for a cockroach problem to get out of control. Tenacious and hardy, cockroaches do not go away on their own and shop-bought treatments prove ineffective at offering a long-term solution.

Our professional and highly experienced technicians at Top Dog Pest Control are skilled in tracing cockroaches back to their nests. Industry-grade chemicals are then inserted directly into the nest, destroying both the adults and eggs. One visit is usually enough to deal with a cockroach problem at your London hotel, but your dedicated Top Dog Pest Control technician will return as many times as is necessary until you are cockroach-free.

Hotel Pest Inspection Packages

Top Dog Pest Control provides London hotels with Pest Inspection Packages that allow you to take control of preventive pest control at your London hotel, and show due diligence that pest control is an important part of your health and safety planning. These involve regular pest inspection visits from our highly-trained technicians who can spot the very first signs of infestations, as well as preventive measures such as tamper bait boxes being laid to nip a rodent problem in the bud should it arise.

Pest Inspection Packages come in three different levels, enabling you to choose from the one that suits your London hotel needs the most.

Bronze Pest Control Package

Quarterly pest inspection visits
Dedicated technician
Free emergency callouts NOT included
Free framed Certificate of Inspection

Silver Pest Control Package

Monthly pest inspection visits
Dedicated technician
2 FREE emergency callouts
Free framed Certificate of Inspection

Gold Pest Control Package

Fortnightly pest inspection visits
Dedicated technician
Unlimited FREE emergency callouts
Free framed Certificate of Inspection


Top Dog Pest Control offers all London hotels a FREE NO OBLIGATION SURVEY before signing up to a Pest Inspection Package, giving you the opportunity to discuss your individual needs and concerns with our industry-trained and knowledgeable team.

Certification of Inspection is provided at the first visit once you have signed up to a package, which can be displayed with other health and safety certificates to show your commitment to providing a safe and healthy environment. Call Top Dog Pest Control today to arrange a no obligation survey.

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Commercial Pest Control

Commercial pest control is becoming more and more in demand as regulations become stricter and businesses such as London hotels wants to show commitment to dealing with a pest control problem before it occurs.

Anticipating a pest infestation in the commercial world can save large amounts of money in comparison to finding yourself in an emergency call out situation, where the problem has already got out of control. Not only will it be expensive to deal with the pest problem, you will almost certainly lose business, either temporarily or permanently.

Top Dog Pest Control provides commercial pest control services to a wide variety of industries in London, including hotels, restaurants, fast food establishments, offices, medical establishments, supermarkets and many more.

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