Top Dog Pest Control carries out a large amount of bird pest control work due to high numbers of birds in the London area, namely pigeons and seagulls. As well as causing risk to health, these birds can also cause extensive damage to buildings, including displaced roof tiles to access to roof spaces, blocked guttering and defaced facades and entrances from droppings. Other pest infestations can be a by-product of having birds around your London building, such as fleas and mites.

Having a pigeon or gull control issue can be a costly affair for a business, as not do they pose the risks detailed above, their presence can discourage customers to approach the property.

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Bird Proofing & Removal

Our bird proofing and removal team at Top Dog Pest Control has extensive experience in removing birds in London. A bird control problem does not have to be an infestation involving hundreds of birds; it could simply be a single bird that has flown into a shop and is proving difficult to remove.

However, you don’t have to wait for a bird control problem to occur before you take action. Bird proofing measures can be carried out and include blocking up entrance points, erecting netting or laying spike strips along ledges that birds can come to rest on. Pigeons will use a ledge as small as 25mm as a way to access buildings, so either removing these ledges or laying spikes or netting will stop them from being able to do this.

Having undergone extensive industry training, each of our technicians is trained in the procedures involved in exterminating birds from London properties, making sure the work is done professionally, humanely and without causing threat to any other form of wildlife around.

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Our Expert Bird Removal Technicians

Our expert bird removal technicians at Top Dog Pest Control are always busy with bird removal and proofing jobs due to the fact that there is always a supply of food for the birds in an area as populated in London. Over time, the birds have acclimatised and adjusted their feeding habits to their surroundings, and now dine out on left over food they find on the street, or that is fed to them by London residents and tourists.

As well as being a nuisance, pigeons and gulls carry many diseases, such as Salmonella, Psittacosis and E-Coli, just to name a few. If they are not removed and parasites get into the air conditioning of your London home or business, there could be severe threat to the health of residents or employees. Given these dangers to health that a bird infestation can leave behind, Top Dog Pest Control offers a Biocide cleanse following treatment to restore your property back to its former sanitary self.

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