Rats terrorising the residents of London is a story that you will find time and time again. Top Dog Pest Control receives daily call outs for rat control from all over the capital.

Here we take a look at two cases that are in the news this week; one from north London, one from south.

Rats: Harrow Weald, North West London

Residents of a block of flats in Greenleaf Way in Harrow Weald in north-west London are at the end of their tether after a 5-year battle with rats that are increasing in size.

Claiming that the invasion of rats in making them ill, the residents in Harrow Weald are too scared to walk through their apartments at night and are forced to keep areas of their homes closed off for the fear of waking up to a rat crawling over their beds in the middle of the night. Attempting to block up holes has only led to the determined rats finding other ways to gain access.

Dominion Housing Association claims they have brought in pest control numerous times and on the last visit the building was declared clear. However, one resident who took the matter into her own hands and laid traps caught a total of 15 rats.

The matter continues.

Rats: Hackbridge South West London

In the town of Hackbridge, south-west London, we find a very similar story of residents being controlled by rats.

The BedZed estate is a zero-carbon eco housing development; the biggest and first of its kind in the UK. However, despite the its state-of-the-art appearance and functionality, it would appear that the specialised drainage system, known as a soakaway, has provided a perfect nesting area for local rats.

Residents are reporting being too scared to take their rubbish out, as the rats are congregating in and around the bins, jumping at residents as they lift the lids to throw away their rubbish. Some are even resorting to using public bins to depose of their household waste.

Peabody Estates, which is responsible for the development comprising 82 homes, assures residents that the rat control problem is under investigation.

Residents have also complained to Sutton Council, who are liaising with them and Peabody Estates.

Top Dog London Pest Control

Dean Mannion from Top Dog Pest Control comments that these sort of buildings that house high numbers of people are in need of routine pest control throughout the year, saying emergency pest control is not enough:

“Emergency pest control works to get a rat problem under control. However, if other measures are not taken, the rat infestation will quickly return.”

“In many areas of London where we have hundreds of people living within the same building, rodents are always going to be present due to the high level of food waste produced. What is needed is routine and continual pest control surveillance, to ensure the issue doesn’t get out of hand, as it has in the examples of Harrow Weald and Hackbridge.”

Top Dog Pest Control operates 24/7 throughout the whole of London and offers Pest Inspection Packages that offer different levels of protection against rats and other pests.

Contact Dean Mannion at Top Dog Pest Control today on 0800 7999 880 to arrange a free no-obligation survey and quote in order to protect your London property to the max!

Author: This article was written by Dean Mannion, Senior Pest Control Technician for Top Dog Pest Control who provide London rat control services.

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