Spring has sprung! It’s that time of year when people in London start to venture into the garden as the weather starts to heat up again. But some unfortunate people are in for a nasty surprise when they open up their sheds: wasp nests!

Wasp Nests

Wasps typically prefer dry places to build their nests, such as attics, hollow trees, bird boxes, and sheds.

Several years ago, one wasp nest was discovered in the attic of a pub that measured 6 foot by 5 foot, but normally nests are much smaller than this, fortunately!

However, wasp colonies can often house as many as 6,000 wasps or more, which can pose very real dangers to people in London.

Life-Cycle of Wasps

In order to understand how to tackle wasp nests in your London home or business, it is important to know a bit about the life-cycle of these pests.

Wasps thrive in the heat of the summer and then typically die out during the colder winter months. At the weather starts to warm up again, the queen ends her winter hibernation and finds a place to establish a new colony. Then the nesting starts and the new colony grows and grows until the summer, when the new wasps hatch out.

Summer is a particular problem time for wasps as the worker wasps who have been busy ensuring that more wasps hatch no longer have the work to do and leave the nest to hunt for sugar. We’ve all had a lovely summer’s day spoilt as wasps descend on food or drinks.

Best To Tackle Wasps Before Summer

It is always advisable to tackle pest problems as early as possible, but this is particularly true of wasps before the summer comes to London. If you discover a wasp nest in spring, maybe in your garage or shed and take appropriate action, then you can help prevent a full-scale infestation come the heat of the summer.

Wasps are more aggressive than both bees and hornets, and unfortunately some people can be severely allergic to their stings. Wasp stings pose particular dangers to vulnerable people, such as children and the elderly. It is always best to tackle a wasp nest problem in your London home or business as soon as possible to eliminate the dangers wasps pose.

Call in the London Wasp Control Experts

If you discover a wasp nest in your garden shed, bird box, attic, or elsewhere, it is always advisable to call in the experts. This is because if the colony is threatened then wasps will swarm and attack in great numbers, which can be very dangerous even if you are not allergic to wasp stings.

At Top Dog Pest Control, our expert technicians have a wealth of experience and the skills and equipment to safely remove wasp nests, whatever the season. So, if you’ve discovered a wasp nest don’t hesitate to call, whatever the season!

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