A south Croydon restaurant listed on TripAdvisor as one of Croydon’s most popular eateries has received a zero-star food hygiene rating. Evidence of mice, poor sanitation and sub-standard cleaning found by officials led to a damning report earlier in the year.

Mice Found at Popular Croydon Restaurant

When Croydon Council arrived at the popular restaurant to carry out checks on behalf of the Food Standards Agency (FSA), the inspectors were shocked by what they found.

Mice droppings were present around the kitchen perimeter, in the refrigeration room and food storage areas and on plug sockets and pipes. Other concerns included dirty standing water underneath the dishwasher; grease, grime and food on equipment; and the wash hand basin was out of order due to a leak. In addition, there was only one sink in the kitchen, which was being used for food preparation and washing dishes.

The owner of the restaurant held her hands up and said being given a zero-rating has been a wake up call. Blaming the poor state of the restaurant on ‘a bad period’ where several mishaps all came at once, she assured inspectors that the necessary changes in procedure would be put in place, including staff awareness and appropriate pest control. Determined to reinstate the good reputation and image of the Croydon restaurant, she will soon be inviting inspectors back to assess the changes.

Not alone…

Rather unnervingly, this wasn’t an isolated incident. In 2016, 18 Croydon businesses were given zero-rating on the food hygiene rating scale. This rating means that owners have failed to meet basic hygiene standards and are obliged to make ‘urgent improvements’ if they want to continue trading.

A further 55 Croydon businesses were awarded a rating of 1, signifying a need for ‘major’ improvements and 12 received a rating of 2, meaning improvements were ‘necessary’. This is a total of 85 businesses that were deemed below standard due to cleanliness, safety factors and a lack of pest control.

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This article was written by Dean Mannion, Senior Pest Control Technician for Top Dog Pest Control who provide London mice control services

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