Most people believe that if they don’t have pets or that if they regularly treat their pets then fleas will not become a problem in their home. Unfortunately, this is not true!

Flea Infestation in a North London Home

Expert Top Dog technicians were recently called to one North London home to deal with a flea infestation that was causing misery for a family. The family owned a pet cat, but treated it regularly for fleas after they discovered they were getting nasty bites on their legs and ankles. They were confused about why the flea treatments weren’t working – surely they were doing what they were supposed to do?

Unfortunately, the cat had been mixing with a feral cat who was using a disused shed in their garden to sleep in and the family’s cat was subsequently catching fleas from the feral animal. The family’s cat was then coming into the home and spreading the flea infestation throughout their home, including upstairs in the bedrooms.

The problem was further compounded by the fact that their home was an old Victorian townhouse and had floorboards throughout the downstairs area. Now, you might think that floorboards would be better than carpet for keeping fleas at bay, but in fact the flea were hiding and laying their eggs in the cracks and crevices between the floorboards, which can be surprisingly deep.

Treating Flea Infestations

Top Dog technicians have a wealth of experience in treating flea infestations when simple solutions such as flea treatments for pets have failed. Using strong residual insecticides, such as Cimetrol, Top Dog’s chief technician Dean sprayed the entire house to destroy any adult fleas. He paid particular attention to making sure that the spaces between the wooden floorboards were thoroughly sprayed, getting into any voids in order to ensure that the treatment was successful.

At the same time, the family cat had to be treated for fleas again to ensure no more were carried into the home, but also, importantly, the cat had to be kept away from the house for twenty-four hours for its own safety due to the strength of the chemicals used to eradicate the flea problem. Dean also advises that adults stay away for at least four hours, children for eight hours, and babies for at least eight hours if not more, after the anti-flea treatment as a safety precaution.

Once the initial treatment has been undertaken, the flea activity rapidly decreases within 3-5 days. However, the spray treatment only affects the adult fleas and there is no treatment that can penetrate their eggs. Therefore a return visit is required 10-14 days after the first spraying to ensure absolute completeness of the job and to make sure there are no remaining fleas in the property.

Preventing Flea Infestations

Unfortunately, fleas can affect any home or business, not just those shared with pets. If you do have pets, it is crucial to make sure that they are regularly treated for fleas. This is important for the pet’s own wellbeing, but also because if they bring fleas into the home then problems can rapidly spread from room to room until the entire house is infested.

Tell-tale signs of a flea infestation are the characteristic bites that affect only the legs and ankles. Often people confuse the bites for a rash or for bedbugs, but actually bedbug bites tend to be on the torso and neck, whereas fleas typically only affect humans from the waist down.

Call in the London Pest Control Experts!

If you and your family find that you are getting bitten on the legs and ankles, maybe despite regular flea treatments for your pets, do not hesitate to call in the experts! This is particularly important as fleas can swiftly infect different rooms in the house after the initial entry into the home.

Top Dog Pest Control’s friendly and experienced technicians have a wealth of knowledge and techniques to draw upon to eradicate flea infestation problems, so don’t wait to call in Top Dog’s experts if fleas have become a problem in your home!

Author: This article was written by Dean Mannion, Senior Pest Control Technician for Top Dog Pest Control who provide London flea control.

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