Upon finding a rat in his house, an Essex man was so distraught that he saw fit to call 999, taking up precious emergency service operator time.

Bigger Than a Mouse!

The panic stricken man informed the emergency service call operator that he’d seen something ‘bigger than a mouse’ in his house, expanding by giving measurements of 5 inches from the tip of his nose to end of it’s tail. Trying to convince the call handler that dialling 999 wasn’t as unreasonable as it seemed, he explained that he’d had mice in his house before, but that this was different… it’s was bigger and more serious!

When the operator told him that the best course of action would be to call the RSPCA or pest control, he asked if it was safe to go back into the house to get a pen to note down the number, asking for assurance that a rat couldn’t kill him!

Top Dog Pest Control: London’s 4th Emergency Service

Now, Top Dog Pest Control fully understands the panic people feel when they discover rodents or other pests in their London homes, and that’s why we describe ourselves as London’s 4th emergency service. However, we are the ones that will be able to deal with your London pest control problem, not the police, not the ambulance service, not the fire brigade. It’s not their job, it’s ours!

So, if you ever get the urge to call 999 because of a London pest or rodent control issue, make you use the rest of our free phone number to go with them: 0800 7999 880!

Any Pest, Anywhere in London

Top Dog Pest Control offers 24/7 emergency pest control for any pest, anywhere in London. Our industry-trained expert technicians are experienced in dealing with a whole host of pests from rodents, to wasps, hornets, spider, cockroaches, birds, foxes and more. Whatever your London pest control problem, Top Dog Pest Control will be able to eradicate, providing you with prompt, guaranteed service where follow-up care comes as standard.

Don’t call 999; call 0800 7999 880!

Author: This article was written by Dean Mannion, Senior Pest Control Technician for Top Dog Pest Control. Top Dog London Pest Control provides London rat removal services. 

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