Days after declaring not being in need of pest control and refusing a free survey from Top Dog Pest Control, a central London Chinese restaurant has been fined £7000 and closed down during Chinese new year celebrations.

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When Saving Money on Pest Control Costs you More

Saving money. We all want to do it. Any way to avoid increasing monthly outgoings may seem appealing at the time. However, saving money on aspects such as pest control can have serious consequences and lead to costing you more is the long run. This is a hard lesson that one central London Chinese restaurant learnt this week.

Top Dog Pest Control approached the restaurant as part of their latest marketing campaign, offering a free survey and quotation for one of our comprehensive Pest Inspection Packages, which offer year-round pest control. The restaurant quickly and firmly declined.

This week Top Dog Pest Control received a call out to the business, which was now in need of emergency pest control following a spot inspection from Environmental Health.

On arrival, our operations manager found a notice on the front door from Environmental Health informing the public that the central London restaurant was closed until further notice due to a council improvement notice.

Pest Inspection: The Findings and Consequences

On inspection, Top Dog Pest Control found a worrying level of pest infestation and hygiene issues:

  • evidence of German cockroaches behind fridges, in cooking pots underneath counters and in the lift and other void areas.
  • mice were present in the kitchen, bar area and communal staff areas.
  • a large amount of food debris and oil behind and underneath counters, which was providing a food source for the cockroaches and mice.

  • food had been damaged and contaminated due to lack of food and hygiene checks being carried out. This, along with surrounding stocks had to be disposed of.

Environmental Health had provided a list of improvements that need to be carried out before the restaurant can reopen. These included deep cleaning, treatment of the mice and cockroach infestations and resolving issues with general equipment and apparatus in service areas. Only when this list of requirements is met can the restaurant reopen its doors to the public, following an independent reassessment. At best this will be in 3-5 days, but could be as long as two weeks.

Top Dog Pest Control has implemented emergency, fast-acting treatments and is calling back at regular intervals to monitor the effectiveness make adjustments where necessary to ensure the pest infestations are eradicated as soon as possible.


The consequences of not employing an accredited pest control company to oversee pest control in your London restaurant are multiple, as the owners of the central London Chinese restaurant have discovered:

  • loss of trade while the restaurant is closed.
  • loss of permanent trade due to damage to the reputation.
  • loss of stock.
  • cost of a £7,000 fine plus emergency pest control and deep cleaning versus the lower manageable costs of a regular pest control inspection.

Although money can earned again, it is not always the case with a reputation, especially where food establishments are concerned.

Top Dog Pest Control: Pest Inspection Packages

Top Dog Pest Control offers a variety of Pest Inspection Packages. With Bronze, Silver and Gold options, the package can be tailored to the exact needs of you and your business.

Making pest control part of your regular maintenance package is becoming more and more important, as the number of pests in London rises along with attention from Environmental Services.

Although it requires slightly more outlay, the example of this central London Chinese restaurant proves to all that it can save large amounts or money, and more importantly a reputation.

Top Dog Pest Control is working hard to get the restaurant back to an acceptable state so it can be reopened as soon as possible and genuinely hopes that the business will not suffer in the long term. Only time will tell for the owners.

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Author: This article was written by Dean Mannion, Senior Pest Control Technician for Top Dog Pest Control who provide London commercial pest control services. 


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