How To Tell The Difference Between a Bee and a Wasp
Wasp on hive

To many people, it is difficult to tell the difference between honey bees and wasps, and many reports to pest control companies result in bees being identified, rather than the more dangerous wasp. A trained and experienced pest control technician can decide whether bees or wasps are present within minutes, if not seconds of arrival […]

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Guide to Bed Bug Control
Bed bug on skin

Bedbugs are commonly associated with dirt, but this isn’t actually true: bedbug control is not related to cleanliness at all. Dean, our expert pest control technician, stresses that bedbugs in fact travel extensively, often on suitcases and clothing, to wherever they can find a person or animal to feed on. Feeding then normally happens at […]

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Wasp Attack: What To Do
Underside of wasp

Summer is coming, which means more time outdoors, barbecues, picnics, walks in the sunshine. Unfortunately, it also means more wasps. Each year there are horror stories of people being attacked by swarms of wasps. If you find yourself in this frightening situation this summer, Top Dog Pest Control has some tips that can help… if […]

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How A Wasp Sting Works
Hornet on a string

The wasp sting – a dreaded element of summer that causes many victims considerable pain. The majority of people don’t know what goes on when a wasp administers its painful sting, so as a follow on from our past article on The Anatomy of a Wasp, here we dig a little deeper into how a wasp […]

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8 Pest Control Myths Busted – The Truth
Mouse with bread background

There is many a myth surrounding pest control, from DIY methods to clean homes being automatically pest-free. Using their expertise and experience, London-based Top Dog Pest Control sets the record straight here, by telling the truth about the myths we hear. Pest Control Myths Clean houses are pest-free house Nope. Although keeping on top of […]

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Top Dog Pest Control on Pest Phobias
Spiders wallpaper

At Top Dog Pest Control, we come across people with severe pest phobias all the time. Arriving at a call out to a London property, we often find people in distress and part of our job is to first calm them down, before we formulate a treatment plan for the specific type of pest we […]

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Are Rats Eating Your Car Wires?
Car lights

Rodents don’t ask for much. They are not like us, dreaming of a pent house apartment on one of London’s prestigious streets. Oh no. They are simple creatures that find their own little paradise in… your car engine! Hosing and plastic, insulation to make it cosy, compartments a plenty serving as a veritable pantry for […]

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Moving House?! Think Pest Control
Moving house

Is pest control on your checklist when you are preparing to move house? It should be! Packing boxes, organising moving companies, the grueling task of clearing out the attic and the garden shed will all be at the front of your mind, but spending a small amount of time and money on pest control now […]

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How Does Wasp Control Work?
Wasp on hive

How wasp control works is just one of the questions you might have about the dreaded summer-time stingers. In the latest of our series of articles about wasps, here we look at some of the ‘How?’ questions Top Dog Pest Control often answers when attending call outs to wasp nest removal in London. How Does London […]

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The Anatomy of a Wasp
Wasp underside

Wasps are well-known for their tiny waists. The French even describe someone with a very slim waist as having a ‘taille de guêpe’ (a wasp-like waist). Here, London-based Top Dog Pest Control delves deeper into the anatomy of the wasp, to give us a better understanding of these summer pests better. The Wasp: Head, Thorax […]

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