All of us have needed a crash pad from time to time when we’re away from home. Be it a hotel or a friend’s spare room, there’s plenty of options for us humans. Not so many for bees though.

Although hives provide a main base for a colony, bees need a place to rest their wings when they are out flying, looking for nectar to take back to the hive. In a new scheme to help the declining bee population in the UK, people are being encouraged to install ‘bee hotels’ on their property.

World’s First Bee Hotel in London

Designed by the British tea brand Taylors of Harrogate, the world’s first bee hotel was initially installed at Hampstead Health in London, before being moved back to Harrogate.

Aptly named The Grand Beedapest Hotel, the balsa wood construction was inspired by the well-known film ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’, which resembles the Corinthia Hotel in Budapest. A similar size to a doll’s house, the bee hotel contains ‘bedrooms’ made from small wooden tubes that offer the perfect resting place for tired bees.

Not only this, there is said to be a Sweet Rhubarb Suite, where rhubarb sugar baths are surrounded by ultraviolet patterns to entice bees to come in, relax and recharge.

Importance of Bees In Our London Lives

With so much exposure, we all know that bees have an importance in our London lives, but what some people don’t realise to what extent.

How many of us reach for an apple on a daily basis? Or enjoy those punnets of juicy cherries on offer in summer? Well, a world without bees would be a world without apples or cherries… plus many more of our favourite fruit and vegetables. Acting as pollinators, bees are crucial in the supply of our daily food and this is why we are constantly encouraged to support the bee population, which remains in a worrying decline.

One of the latest ways is installing a bee hotel in your London back garden. It doesn’t need to be as elaborate as The Grand Beedapest Hotel, but can just be a small simple wooden structure with holes that bees can use to rest and also reproduce when they are away from the hive. In addition, planting a small bee friendly garden near to the bee hotel can encourage bees further and provide a food source for them.

Top Dog Pest Control Supports London Bees

At Top Dog Pest Control we support bees and actively encourage customers who report a bee nest around their property to leave them in place. Of course, we will never put any of our valuable London customers at risks, but bees pose much less of a threat than wasps and offer so much to our ecosystem.

There are many solutions that suit both the customer and the bees, and reputable London pest control companies should exhaust each and every one before ever destroying a bee nest.

Author: This article was written by Dean Mannion, Senior Pest Control Technician for Top Dog Pest Control who provide London bee control services. 

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