After pleading guilty to three counts of food and hygiene safety regulation breaches, Asda has been fined £300,000 and instructed to pay almost £5,000 in court charges.

Asda Enfield Depot Riddled with Rodents and Flies

Attending health and safety officers found dead rodents and flies in the bread section of the Asda Enfield Depot, which delivers online shopping across London and Essex. Not only this, droppings were discovered on shelving in the warehouse and packets of cereal and sugar had be gnawed by the rodents. The list went on with foodstuffs spilled under shelves along with fly pupae, and rotting herbs in delivery trays.

Enfield Council described the situation as shocking and stated that it ‘beggars belief’ that a national supermarket giant could leave one of its depots to develop such levels of pest control issues. Councillor Daniel Anderson, Enfield Council’s cabinet member for environment commented that it was unacceptable that customers have been put at potential risk of contamination due to Asda not keeping its foodstuff storage areas in safe and hygienic order. He went on to speak of his approval that Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court had issued a heavy penalty at sentencing on March 3rd, saying that this will act as a warning to other businesses.

Asda Enfield Improves Pest Control Management

Asda has issued a statement admitting that the conditions of its Enfield depot were totally unacceptable and have reassured customers that they are committed to keeping the home shopping centre in a sanitary state. Holding up its hand that strict procedures were not followed by staff, more has now been invested in pest control management.

Other Pest Control Failures Across London

Stories of businesses across London being fined or closed down due to pest control failures are becoming more common. As the general public becomes more aware of the risks of pests and increasingly less tolerant, calls to environmental health are increasing. This is without considering the spot checks carried out by the authorities.

The Battersea Quarter restaurant in Hitch Quay, Wandsworth, was recently charged at Wimbledon Magistrates’ Court on five accounts of hygiene offences.

On inspection, mice droppings, old food and grease were found to have collected in significant amounts behind and underneath counters and shelves. The counter tops were deemed as ‘unfit’ as a place to prepare food for human consumption.

It was also proven that the manager of the Wandsworth restaurant failed to call in pest control when the presence of mice was first discovered.

The restaurant is now closed.

Top Dog Pest Control: Pest Inspection Packages

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Author: This article was written by Dean Mannion, Senior Pest Control Technician for Top Dog Pest Control who provide London pest control for business services. 

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