There is many a myth surrounding pest control, from DIY methods to clean homes being automatically pest-free. Using their expertise and experience, London-based Top Dog Pest Control sets the record straight here, by telling the truth about the myths we hear.

Pest Control Myths

Clean houses are pest-free house

Nope. Although keeping on top of cleaning can help keep pests at bay, many pests enter your home as a source of shelter. A food source is an added bonus, but few pests feed off dirt. Rodents will tuck into your own food supplies, nibbling their way through your pantry. Fleas will feast off your pets – or you if you’re unlucky!

Mice love cheese

Not really. Mice will eat cheese, but what they really like is peanut butter or chocolate. Putting these into a trap makes catching a mouse more likely than loading it up with cheese.

Cats will control rodents

While your pet cat could very well catch a mouse or two in your London home, it would not be able to control a full infestation. Mice breed and move more quickly than cats, and can also scurry into places cats can’t go. So although your kitty may win the odd battle, they will not win the war!

Rodents are dirty

Unhygienic yes, dirty no. Rodents like rats and mice certainly risk bringing nasty diseases such as Weil’s and salmonella into your property, but they are in fact very clean creatures. They spend a large portion of their day cleaning themselves and keep a very clean and tidy nest.

Boiling water will destroy an ants nest

Wrong again. When boiling water seeps down in to the ground, it loses temperature rapidly. So although the ants near the surface may be destroyed, there will be a large number that will survive, merely getting wet.

DIY pest control methods work

They might, yes. Or they may make your infestation a whole lot worse. Top Dog Pest Control has attended many a call out to distressed customers who have attempted DIY pest control, only to find themselves in a worse situation. Shop-bought treatments are often not strong enough to destroy a whole infestation and will merely aggravate it or give it time to grow. In this circumstance, an ant colony will split up and establish multiple nests around your home, wasps will attack and rats and mice will continue to breed at an alarming rate.

I can’t see any pests, so I mustn’t have a problem

Appearances can be deceptive. Pests are hard to spot, especially small ones like bed bugs and fleas. That is, until you know you have them. Once you’re aware of them you’ll see them everywhere!

Blocking up the entry point to a wasp nest kills the wasps inside

Absolutely not. This will anger the wasps, which will then try to find an alternative route out. What people do not generally know is that this can involved them chewing through plasterboard and gaining access to the interior of your home. This is both a scary and dangerous event to experience. Wasp nests should only ever be approached by professionals with the correct treatment, equipment and protective clothing.

London Pest Control

Top Dog Pest Control provides London-wide pest control service, 24/7. With a team of experienced, knowledgeable and highly trained technicians, we can advise on or treat whatever pest infestation you are facing.

Operating a rapid-response service, we will be with you in no-time, taking the first steps to make you pest-free.

Don’t believe the myths – call Top Dog Pest Control today.

This article was written by Dean Mannion, Senior Pest Control Technician for Top Dog Pest Control. Top Dog London Pest Control provides London residential pest control services. 

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