Islington council’s environmental health brought heavy sanctions on 13 restaurants in the London borough, after finding serious levels of mouse, rat and cockroach infestations on their property.

Following inspections carried out on behalf of the Food Standards Agency (FSA), some food establishments were fined, some were closed down and all were stripped of their FSA star ratings.

The Worst of Islington’s Pest-Infested Eateries

At Top Dog Pest Control, we don’t like to name and shame as we believe everyone should be given a second chance if they stand up and correct their mistakes. So here, without mentioning any names, we look at the worst of Islington’s pest-infested eateries:

Restaurant 1 – high level of rat presence. Temporary closure.

Restaurant 2 – recommendations issued to prevent further evidence of rodents and fruit flies. Now permanently closed.

Restaurant 3 – uncontrolled mice activity threatened public health. Temporary closure.

Restaurant 4 – uncontrolled German cockroach activity. Temporary closure.

Restaurant 5 – discovery of cockroaches lead to an Emergency Prohibition Order before the courts. 5-week closure


All of these Islington restaurants, and more, lost custom, money and their reputations purely through the lack of pest control. Top Dog offers both Pest Control for London Restaurants and Islington Pest Control.

Harrow Cash and Carry Closed Immediately

Elsewhere is London, a Harrow cash and carry was closed with immediate effect by environmental health inspectors, who were shocked by the worryingly low levels of hygiene they found during a spot inspection.

A floor covered with rodent faeces and urine was apparent on entering the building, but matters worsened when the same was found on partly eaten chocolate that were still on the shelves.

The owner was prosecuted at Harrow Crown Court and ordered to pay fines of £4550 for inadequate storing and protecting of food, poor storage and waste collection, failure to put procedures in place for pest control and the sale of unsafe stock.

Top Dog Pest Control Inspection Packages

Under the FSA guidelines, when a food establishment is inspected, it must meet certain criteria in terms of cleanliness, layout, lighting and ventilation. Not only this, a food establishment must show how business policy and procedures are employed to ensure food is kept safe. This is where our Top Dog Pest Inspection Packages come in, as employing a London pest control company to carry out regular assessments and check of your eatery will show due diligence to the authorities. Above all, it will significantly limit the risk of a pest problem occurring in the first place.

Pest Inspection Packages are available in three levels, depending on the type of business you run and the type of premises you are in. The higher the level, the more regular inspections you will have, meaning keeping pests at bay will be in the the hands of trained professionals. All packages can be tailored exactly to your London business. For more information, click here to look at our London Business Pest Inspection Packages.

Author: This article was written by Dean Mannion, Senior Pest Control Technician for Top Dog Pest Control. Top Dog London Pest Control provides London business pest control services. 

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